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About Us

Bio, logically

What we bring you…

summing up, we are um Restaurant biological and real food

Made by people seeking the sustainability of the ecosystem and who value the balance with Mother Nature. But who enjoy good food, healthy, of biological origin and, Above all, tasty.

Password por cá, come and discover the best that Mother Nature and the goddess Pachamama have for you.

Open Monday to Thursday from 12h to 16h
Friday and Saturday from 12pm to 16 e the,,de,at,,pt,Lisbon,,es,”,,en,contacts,,es,Data,,en,Facebook,,en,Scroll to top,,en 20 às 2 h

The first restaurant biological de Lisboa

Who is Pachamama

Pachamama is the goddess worshiped by the Incas more. It is a deity related to earth, with fertility, with his mother and with women. To it is assigned the gift of distributing the seasons, fertilize the land and give life to living beings of the universe.

Pachamama can translate it as "Mother Earth”, generator of life and fertility symbol.

The Pachamama name was chosen because we believe that respect for our planet has been set aside and know it has to be recovered, so we can continue to live free, happy and healthy.

Our food is always made with organic food. Food grown without use of pesticides and animals raised in freedom.

Everything is made by us, from the bread made with organic flour and stone mill, up to fruit juices and made of organic vegetables, through the pastry and savory.

Not to mention the snacks that come out of our kitchen on Friday and Saturday nights.

Our Bread

Our Bread

kneaded by Mario Rolando to Pachamama

Our bread is made for us every day, with organic flour milled in stone mill, crushed by Mario Rolando, making bread with slow fermentation, without the help of yeast.

"Our bread ferments 25 horas a 8 degrees, a temperature wherein the yeast leavens slowly but works ",

says Mario Rolando, it also states that "bread made with time have more flavor, more aroma and a longer shelflife”.

And the proof of this is the bread that comes out in our couverts and the customer can also take home.

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Cook only organic products means using only vegetables and seasonal fruits, like this, the Pachamama there is no conventional letter of foods.

But this gives us the happiness we use our creativity diariamante in choosing the dishes we cook.

Every day in the morning cooked a vegetarian dish and a fish dish we serve with love at lunch.

We know that many of you are vegan, so even, We do not use any dairy, cream, milks and butters are always of plant origin.

Lawn and Menu do Dia

  • Veggie Day dish
  • Fish Dish of the Day


  • For dinner we always have one or two entries to choose from that you can share with your loved ones!


  • Sopa do dia
    Imperdivél! Always done in the morning with the freshest seasonal vegetables.


  • If by chance our suggestions do not fill it measures, do not be shy. Order a salad and say what you like best. I'm sure that will surprise!


    • Fruit salad
    • Mousse de Cacau vegan e raw
    • Dessert of the day

    Night Menu

    Our Jantar

    We are already grown but we still have in us the dream of changing the world, or at least the little that we are possible.

    Our dream is to preserve our planet, It is to do everything in our power so that it reaches the grandchildren and great grandchildren of all of us.

    It is also to show everyone that we can eat tasty way and take pleasure in it while we take care of our health and make prevention of diseases that quite possibly is based on bad Western power.

    It is to show parents that their children do not “face so ugly” to plants and that gradually we can all “eat healthy”.

    Only we cook organic products as well as seasonal products. We try not to use imported vegetables. We care about the ecological footprint.

    So we have letter, but we have a vegetarian dish always full of color, a fish dish and a chef's suggestion.

    But,,pt,wine,,en, first we have an entry that can share!



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    Take Away

    I do not feel like cooking? Use o nosso take away! Just contact us with a few hours notice, choose the dishes and quantities and, hora to marcada, will have its ready order to raise.

    Our phone is 215 987 650, always available in the opening hours of the restaurant.

    Business hours

    Open Monday to Thursday from 11h to 19h
    Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 2 h